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Commercial Faucet 8-35

Complete Your Commercial Kitchen with Our 8 Inch Pre-Rinse Wall Mount Faucet!

- Versatile – this commercial faucet comes with a pre-rinse sprayer, making it perfect for a variety of cleaning tasks.
- Convenient – the 12-inch spout and 35-inch height make it easy to use and reach.

This Commercial Faucet with Pre Rinse Sprayer is perfect for any 3 Compartment Sink. With an 8 inch center wall mount faucet, it is ideal for any commercial kitchen. The 12” spout offers maximum reach and the 35 inch height allows for easy access and use. Its industrial style and chrome and brass finish make it a great addition to any restaurant kitchen. The pre rinse sprayer offers the convenience of rinsing dishes easily and quickly. This Commercial Faucet is sure to provide a great look and efficient use in any restaurant kitchen.